Products & Services:

Aircraft Storage, Aircraft Disassembly, Aircraft Transitions, Aircraft Parking Care and Maintenance, Aircraft Recycling, Engine Storage, Customs Support and Third-Party Logistics, ecube Upcycling

Quality Approvals:

Approved by QMS International Ltd to ISO 9001 standards and guidelines.

AFRA Diamond Level Disassembly Status

Market experience:

ecube specialises in connecting aircraft owners and parts companies together to maximise mutual value.

Aircraft are highly complex assets that hold significant value at all stages of their lifecycle. Over the last decade we have become the global leaders in Aircraft Storage, Disassembly and Transition.

We have achieved this by understanding that every aircraft project is different, which is why the processes at each of our global facilities are highly responsive, adapting to the requirements of the next owner or operator, throughout the aircraft’s lifespan. At the end of which, and at each location, our parts customers get the unrivalled speed & accuracy that they need, allied to our AFRA Diamond Level quality status.

We continue to build on this position, deepening our disassembly services and continuously improving every aspect of our capabilities. We are actively growing our maintenance offerings to meet the needs of customers returning aircraft to service.

By delivering unmatched levels of re-use and recycling of materials in the industry, we are committed to our customers, our people, and the circular economy. This is the ecube way.

Key equipment and processes:

UK, EU and US base locations.

Storage for over 200 aircraft across all locations.

Ten disassembly and recycling lines, all with a guaranteed five-week turnaround time.

Capability to store and deliver more than 50,000 components each year.

Major customers:

Aircraft Lessors, Airlines and Parts Companies globally

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