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Centre of excellence for aerospace

Wales is a centre of excellence for aerospace manufacturing and MRO related activities; over 160 companies employ in excess of 23,000 people. State-of-the-art facilities now manufacture, supply, maintain, repair and overhaul, civil and military aircraft from around the world. The aerospace sector in Wales is a dynamic growth industry that operates on best practice techniques and is supported directly by the Aerospace Wales Forum.


It may come as a surprise to some that Wales has such a strong dynamic aerospace sector. With just 5% of the UK population, we have around 10% of the UK’s aerospace industry which includes 20% of the UK MRO market.

They’re quite impressive statistics and clearly show we punch above our weight.

So why is the sector so strong in Wales? It’s a combination of factors: we have key players based in Wales, plus a real passion for the sector that’s committed to supporting its growth. We also have considerable academic expertise and great training programmes to produce a skilled workforce.

As the trade association for all companies operating in the aerospace & defence sector in Wales, Aerospace Wales Forum works closely with the Welsh Government to promote Welsh capabilities globally, facilitate collaboration and networking opportunities and encourage and support participation at major international events.

We work with companies of all sizes to provide the tailored business support they need to grow. Our key players include among others, Airbus, BAE Systems, GE, Nordam, Babcock and British Airways. The Airbus wing manufacturing operation in Broughton, North Wales, has been the subject of massive investment and is the single largest manufacturing plant in Britain. Employing 6,500 and supporting a further 2,000 people in the local supply chain, Airbus spends more than £120 million annually through its Welsh supply chain.