Michael Rogerson is leading a multi-university project team researching remanufacturing/circular economy practices in the UK aerospace industry.

The project is funded by InterAct – an innovation hub led by the Economic and Social Research Council.

The aim is to understand practices in aerospace to inform industry and public policy through a report to be published at the end of the year.

Michael is looking for input from industry. If you are able to help please contact him directly.

“ We are looking to talk to executives and technical staff and anyone else relevant to your firm’s policies and practices on remanufacturing/circular economy, what the drivers and barriers are on this front, and how you see things developing in future. Even if this is something that the firm has yet to begin, understanding the reasons for that are important contributing factors to the sector-wide advice we are seeking to develop.

Anything you say to me will be anonymised so that nothing can be traced back to anyone we speak to or their firms. I really appreciate time you can offer our project and would be happy to talk to you and your organisation prior to the final report being published to explain our findings.

Do you have an hour over the next couple of months when we could talk to you?”

Michael Rogerson


Surrey Business School