The Aerospace Wales Forum are to hold 2 events on the 19th October with Airbus in Broughton and the North West Aerospace Alliance (NWAA)

Between 13:00 and 17:00 Airbus will be delivering a Sustainability Showcase …..

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation and at Airbus our ambition is to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. This commitment is demonstrated through Airbus’ ambition to market the world’s first hydrogen powered commercial jetliner by 2035. Airbus believes we can pioneer the industry, with key partners, to make hydrogen powered commercial flight a reality, signifying a step change in the approach to aircraft design and manufacture, future technology development, creating a stronger supply chain and a skills base knowledgeable about Hydrogen technology and its industrialisation. 

The target is to boost regional manufacturing capacity, improving the productivity of current industrial programmes and delivering new industrial methods for sustainable aviation technologies and materials that will raise the competitiveness of the aerospace cluster throughout Wales and the North West. Airbus is focusing on strategic topics such as rethinking the way we design and manufacture our products, create the workplace of the future, drive sustainability and embrace industry 4.0 digital solutions (such as robotics, IOT capability and automation).

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