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Wales is an integral part of the United Kingdom and is strategically placed to support the UK’s goal of securing 10% of the global space sector by 2030.

Wales refers to its space proposition as the Arc of Innovation, given that Wales has considerable capability defined through a combination of strategic sites, segregated air-space capability that is unique within Europe, a single source of world leading training and R&D (delivered through the Wales Academic Space Partnership), indigenous up and down stream space companies and proactive support from the Aerospace Wales Forum and Welsh Government.


Wales has an advanced academic sector that already supports the global space sector. The Wales Space Academic Partnership (WASP), provides a single voice and strategic pathway for its members (and therefore for Wales) and strengthens the goals of the UK National Technology Plan. This approach is supported by the Wales Aerospace Forum and the Welsh Government.

Space expertise includes, but is not limited to; space and planetary robotics, solar system physics, advance instrumentation, sensors and detectors, structures and advanced materials, propulsion, satellite system/instrumentation design and engineering, space photovoltaics, Earth Observation instrumentation, cryogenics, telecommunications, hydrogen research, optoelectronics and data visualisation solutions.

Wales also has a recognised cluster of optronics excellence in; communications, modern optics, electro optics, instrumentation, sensors, fibre optics, thin film coating, conventional optics and optical design, solar cells (photovoltaics), optical storage, displays, imaging, photonic material and holography.


The Wales Space strategy was launched at the 2015 UK Space Conference, which took place in Liverpool on the 14th July.

The introduced by Colin Baldwin, CEO, UK Space and led by John Whalley, CEO, Aerospace Wales Forum introduced the UK space community to the Welsh plans that have been developed in collaboration with the UK space community.

The strategy provides recommendations and an opportunity for Wales to grow its space sector and support the UK’s goal of securing 10% of the 2030 space market.

The launch received considerable media coverage. 

Arc of Innovation

The “Arc of Innovation” represents the Wales space proposition, through a combination of:

  •  World class R&D through the Wales Academic Space Partnership (WASP).
  •  Strategic sites with airside access and room to locate and grow.
  •  Space Innovation Support Facilities to support developments such as rocket propulsion.
  •  Up and down stream space companies.
  •  2,500 sq miles of segmented airspace (supported by state-of-the-art, electro optical tracking, radar and telemetry), with the potential for direct and controlled access to space.
  • Support from the Aerospace Wales Forum and the Welsh Government.

About Us

The AWF works collaboratively with the Welsh Government, industry and the Wales Academic Space Partnership to ensure a co-ordinated approach to the development of the space sector in Wales, and to support the UK’s long term goal to secure 10% share of the global space market by 2030 and thereby, creating sustainable, quality employment.


Digital applications and consulting company providing world-class expertise in climate change adaptation and risk management. They analyse the impacts of climate change on communities, cities and industries around the world by developing decision-support tools that help bridge the gap between complex climate science, remote sensing data and real world decision making.


Airbus Defence and Space

As a world-leading player in the space industry, Airbus Defence & Space possesses the skills, expertise and technologies required for designing, developing and operating major space systems: from launchers to the in-orbit delivery of satellites, planetary and deep-space missions and International Space Station activities.



APEM is an award winning environmental consultancy specialising in aerial surveys and aquatic science. The company has carried out over 500 aerial surveys for offshore wind energy developers and regulators in the UK, Europe and the US, and are unique in having developed a range of aerial surveys specifically for the water industry. Its survey aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art imaging systems and supported by our experienced team of image analysts and technicians.



CGI operate across 400 offices in 40 countries and provide IT and business process services across all major market sectors including transport, energy, utilities, insurance, public sector and space. CGI’s presence in the space business spans more than 35 years of delivering complex, mission-critical space systems involving deep domain knowledge of earth observation, satellite navigation / communications and applications and security.


Doncasters Blaenavon

A manufacturer of forged rings, casings, blades and discs for the aerospace and space sectors, industrial gas turbine and specialised engineering industries.

Environment Systems

Environment Systems are trusted providers of environmental evidence and insight to governments and industry in the UK and internationally. Established in 2003, with offices in Aberystwyth (HQ) and Salisbury, the company has a strong track record of delivering commercial and R&D projects, both large and small.

General Dynamics

General Dynamics (GD) has a proud heritage of delivering cutting-edge technology in support of satellite communications and space exploration. From the study of new planets to the Orion spacecraft’s first test flight, it is currently involved in some of today’s most exciting space-based communications missions. GD’s Space and Intelligence Systems specialise in both space and ground technologies that can transmit, receive, collect and analyse data for military, exploration, scientific and intelligence purposes.


A nanomaterials company providing industrial solutions by developing customised, application-specific advanced materials. The company is a global leader in facilitating the commercial application of graphenes and other nanomaterials.


The leading global supplier of advanced semiconductor wafer products and services to the semiconductor industry and experts in providing high quality epitaxial layers for the wireless, photonics and electronics industries.


Manufactures a complete range of off-the-shelf and tailored laser wire stripping machines for the laser stripping of insulation from high-tech cables and wires.


One of the world’s leading defence, aerospace, technology and security companies with specific expertise in unmanned aviation, space and range operations.

Qioptiq Space Technology

The world’s leading supplier of radiation stable micro-sheet glass for the space industry.

QMC Instruments

QMC Instruments Ltd. (QMCI) has laboratory and office space within the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University where they design, manufacture and develop instrumentation for the detection and processing of electromagnetic radiation at far-infrared and mm wavelengths (or THz frequencies).

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Spectrum Technologies

The global leader in laser wire processing technology, for applications in advanced manufacturing, including aerospace and space.

Teledyne Labtech

One of the leading manufacturers of microwave solutions with specialist capabilities in design, manufacturing, assembly and testing across many technologies, product and market applications from defence electronics and global telecommunications, to space and satellite communications.


TWI Technology Centre (Wales) is a regional office for TWI , specialising in the development and application of non-destructive testing methods and providing real world solutions to inspection challenges across the structural integrity lifecycle.  TWI delivers advice, knowhow, consultancy and training in materials joining and engineering for a broad range of industries including aerospace.


Paul Jones
Space Strategy and Business Development Manager