Metal Process Engineer



Job Purpose Statement:

The Metal Process Engineer is a liaison between manufacturing, design, operations and technicians, this role owns configuration control of all parts within the machine shop and develops new processes in line with design and operational requirements. The role covers high precision machining, painting and finishing of components.

Main Duties

  • Configuration and control of machine shop components using the ERP system in line with company operating procedures.
  • Creation and maintenance of key information within the ERP systems such as component routings and BOMs
  • Develop action plans and carry out improvement activities based on product non-conformances – implement with robust corrective actions
  • Carry out regular process improvements with a strong inclination towards cost reduction and quality improvements.
  • Manage the basic technical steps involved in introducing a new product into a manufacturing environment.
  • Attend Engineering meetings as required and provide regular technical updates on NPI projects to principal metal process engineer.
  • Develop and write technical reports to support NPI, new processes and quality issues.
  • Development and implementation of precision machining processes in line with equipment capability
  • A good understanding of latest cutting tool and back end interface technology in order to maximise accuracy and material removal.
  • Provide technical advice and support on demand to support operational targets.

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Skills and Experiences

Person Specification

  • Minimum HND / NVQ 4 qualification
  • A good understanding of current operational equipment including limits and capabilities of each.
  • An understanding of externally available equipment and limits/capabilities of each
  • Basic understanding of the programming approaches used to maximise accuracy and material removal
  • Interpretation of drawings from a manufacturing and inspection perspective.
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